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Millsboro Pond

Located on the edge of the town the Millsboro Pond is popular with fisherman and the small parking lot is often filled with their boats and trailers. However, this is also a nice kayaking location. We recommend you enjoy it now because in the next few years a Millsboro Bypass will be built over one end of the pond.

Putting in at the boat ramp and following the right shore for quite a ways will eventually bring you to Cow Bridge Branch. This is a beautiful clear stream which one can paddle quite a ways. Very quickly it moves away from the road and the traffic noise vanishes. Small birds darted among the trees. Bald Eagles flew overhead and a Heron Rookery is in the trees along the main part of the pond.

Heron Rookery in pine trees.
The opening to Cow Bridge Branch is to the right in this photo. Several times we needed to reverse direction as there were several dead ends the further upstream we paddled.
Red Winged Blackbirds were in abundance throughout the area.
A beautiful calm stream.
A Prothonotary Warbler flew among the branches in a small cove.

GPS Ariel Map
Parking lot for Millsboro Pond is on Rt 30, Gravel Hill Rd, just off the intersection with Rd 24, John J. Williams Highway. There are about 10 parking spots. A port a potty is in the parking lot. All other services on Rt 113 in Millsboro.

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