Springtime Kayaking on Delmarva

“False” spring has arrived on Delmarva tempting us with temperatures approaching 70 on some days. But we know better. The water is still too cold for safe kayaking unless dressed in appropriate cold weather gear. We have chosen to be warm weather kayakers.

We spend the 3 to 4 months during the winter planning our first kayaking trips to some of our favorite spring locations. With spring comes wind which rules out many of our more open water favorites. Instead in the spring we head inland to the creeks and narrow rivers with less wind which not only offer calmer waters but often spectacular scenery.

In no special order here are some of our favorite spring destinations.

Broad Creek from either Laurel or Phillips Landing. Downstream of Bethel the stream opens up and if it’s windy this can be an issue. However, a large number of osprey platforms exist on Broad Creek and watching them build is a fascinating early spring trip. Broad Creek Osprey Alley

In early spring Osprey are in abundance on Broad Creek.

Marshyhope Creek downstream from Federalsburg. Time your trip to high tide and you will be able to enter many of the smaller guts and coves. The trees along here in early spring are gorgeous. Marshyhope Creek Tides.

At high tide the coves on Marshyhope Creek are worth exploring.

Nassawango Creek starting at Red House Road takes one through the cypress swamp where the spring green on Cypress Trees is spectacular. Pocomoke River and Nassawango Creek.

Cypress trees of many sizes are plentiful along Nassawango Creek.

Trap Pond State Park is always a winner. If it’s not too windy go here and paddle into the swamp. Again beautiful in the early spring among the cypress trees. Bald Cypress Luck.

Great Blue Heron in a Cypress Tree at Trap Pond

Broadkill River is always spectacular with lots of wildlife. Return to Broadkill River

The Broadkill is peaceful but the wildlife sightings can be abundant.

Tuckahoe Creek from the put in at Hillsboro offers several possibilities. Upstream in early spring brings that light green early color and light that is always so relaxing. Downstream sometimes provides young ducklings swimming with their mother. Looking for Wood Ducks on Tuckahoe Creek.

The sunlight through the trees on this spring day on the Tuckahoe was amazing.

Dividing Creek off the Pocomoke River is a possibility when not too windy as this involves a mile paddle on the Pocomoke. There are reports of trees down several miles upstream on Dividing Creek but the birds in this hardwood swamp make the trip worthwhile. Dividing Creek.

Mirrored Surface on Dividing Creek

We hope spring comes early and our kayaks are in the water soon!

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    • Thank you for the information. We just shared a Bay Country Journal article to our kayakingdelmarva facebook page which features some of your information. I will certainly include links to your web site in the future. Thank you for supporting such valuable information.


      • Thank you for your support of cold water safety. It’s fellow paddlers like you who make a huge difference in paddlesports safety.


  1. Spring has evolved into summer on Delmarva! That means it’s time for the annual Riverfest on the Nanticoke in Seaford, DE. We have added a Paddlefest event, on Saturday 9 July, 11-2pm starting and ending at the Seaford Boatramp. Check out the details on the Nanticoke Riverfest Facebook page. Come out for a great time on the River!


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