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A native Marylander, it is only in recent years I have come to appreciate the Chesapeake Bay’s Eastern Shore. If you leave Rt. 50 you’ll many hidden gems for kayaking. I’m amazed at the number of places  where we’ve kayaked all day without seeing another human. With a lot of research we’ve found some of the best paddling locations, and it seemed only natural to share some of that information with other kayakers.

We first started kayaking nearly 25 years ago with a kayaking trip in the 1000 Island Region of the Florida Everglades. Bardy Jones of Ibis Tours, who became a good friend, was our guide. We returned to the 1000 Island Region several times with Bardy. Later we paddled for 8 days with Bardy in the Exuma Islands. When our son moved to the Eastern Shore we spent time exploring various areas with outfitters. Suddenly we realized we had exhausted all the guided trips and there was still much to see. With the purchase of our own kayaks we were no longer tied to one place or someone else’s schedule.

The history of the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay is fascinating and once we began kayaking on the Eastern Shore both my husband and I reread James Michener’s Chesapeake at least once. We’ve had many conversations about possible locations of the scenes in the book. Our time looking for kayaking spots has also given us an opportunity to visit many of the lesser known communities. As a child growing up in Central Maryland I thought the Eastern Shore was almost another country. The Bay Bridge was still relatively new. But this area is rich in history and tradition and there’s still much to discover.

In the winter of 2014 we relocated from Frederick, MD to Millsboro, DE in what is commonly referred to as Lower Slower Delaware. Suddenly kayaking was not a major excursion involving a three hour drive. Instead within twenty minutes of our home we had Cypress Swamps, coastal bays, creeks and rivers and so many more options for kayaking. As a result, exploring, not writing, became a priority. In 2017 we rekindled our blogging passion and we hope to share many of the new places we have discovered with you.

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  1. Very nice blog. My wife and I visit the eastern shore regularly for some great paddling. We’ve paddled a few of your routes and plan do add some of your others to our “to paddle” list. If you happen to see this post what GPS do you like to use? Happy Paddling!


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