Assateague Island Wildlife Photography

On September 30, 2016 I attended a wildlife photography workshop at Assateague Island, Maryland.  Sponsored by the Assateague Island Alliance, Irene Hinke-Sacilotto of Osprey Photo  capably instructed the class. A three-day course, we spent time out each day visiting multiple sites on Assateague Island, photographing the famous wild ponies and abundant wildlife.  Irene accompanied us in the field providing many tips on taking attractive and interesting pictures.  Back in the classroom, after processing our photos each student presented a few select photos. Irene critiqued our efforts and gave useful suggestions.   Osprey Photo presented a wonderful course and I highly recommend it to any aspiring wildlife photographers.  Below I’ve highlighted a few of my efforts from this experience.

Pony Glamour Shot

This photo shows a stallion watching our group as we photographed his harem.  I used a 400 mm zoom lens and a Canon EOS 30D.  Irene ensured our class stayed a safe distance from the wild ponies.  They look pretty but they bite and kick.

20161002_083155_Chief Pony

Beautiful Sunset

Saturday night we had an incredible sunset and our class eagerly snapped picture after picture.  I like this shot because the distant clouds look angular, almost like city buildings in the distance.

20161001_192702_Sunset 2

Yoga Board

When we drove to the Ferry Landing at Assateague we got lucky.  A group from were using yoga boards out in the water.  This young woman agreed to pose for our class with the setting sun as a backdrop.  She was an athlete!  She did many headstands and yoga poses all on a moving board.  Wow!

20161001_185651_Yoga Board

Young Foal at Play

At one of the campsites along Bayside Drive this foal played near his mom.  At one point he snatched a paper plate from a picnic table (to the chagrin of a family trying to eat) and began to toss it about.

20161001_180346_Playing with a paper plate

Seagull with Missing Foot

If you look closely at the Herring Gull below, you will note his right foot is missing.  While sad, this did absolve him of any legal problems as he was standing on a reserved for handicapped parking sign.

20161001_174506_Reserved parking space

Great Egret Walking

This Great Egret was walking in the marsh near one of the board walks and I was able to snap a nice photo of him mid-step.

20161001_165458_Egret on the move

This concludes some of my favorite photos from the Wildlife Photography class.  I hope you enjoyed them!

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