Kayaking Maryland Goes Live

Eastern Neck Island

Eastern Neck Island

After 25 years of sea kayaking from the Bahamas to the Colorado River we have decided to share information on some of our favorite kayaking spots. We’ve used books, web sites and tips from other dedicated kayakers to find new locations. For the past six years we’ve wandered Maryland’s Eastern (and Western) Shore in Wilderness System Tarpon 160i sit on top kayaks. Our kayaking experiences started in the Florida Everglades and the Exuma Islands in the Bahamas.

In this blog we’ll share places to kayak, where’s the best put in location, highlights and low lights of each location, the equipment we use, distances, water conditions and nature sightings. If you’re looking for 15-25 mile trips to cover as much distance as possible this is not the blog for you. Our trips cover 8-15 miles and give us time to view the scenery.

We will post as quickly as possible, starting with some of our favorite locations on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

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