Trip Descriptions

Tuckahoe Creek

Tuckahoe Creek allows one to experience kayaking a non tidal creek through hardwood forests and a more open water tidal marsh area.

Bridge Tuckahoe CreekLimited by the length of our kayaks we have not attempted a launch from the boat ramp on Crouse Mill Road in Tuckahoe State Park and paddling downstream. Instead we launch from the small boat ramp on Talbot Avenue in Hillsboro, MD. There is a parking area, but no facilities at the boat ramp. Turn right and paddle upstream. On one spring day the banks along here were lined with fisherman. Once you pass under the highway and a railroad bridge this upstream route becomes quite pretty. There are always turtles sunning themselves with some being quite large. The water eventually becomes crystal clear. We’ve managed to paddle about two miles upstream before feeling the effects of trying to maneuver a 16 foot kayak in this area. However on several occasions we have met kayakers in smaller boats who have come downstream from Crouse Mill Road.

We’ve paddled here several times and one day decided to go further downstream. Within a mile this area becomes wide open, with marsh grass throughout. While paddling up a side creek we startled a number of deer on the bank. We have gone as far downstream as Stoney Point where there is another spot to launch a kayak. There has been good bird watching and eagle sightings along the downstream part.

There are several launch points further downstream between Hillsboro and the Choptank, one at Coveys Landing and another at New Bridge Landing. We will be exploring from both in the near future.

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