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Kayak Storage

Most kayaks are durable enough for storage outside but many of us have chosen to protect our boats from the weather.

Attempting to store a 16 ft Wilderness System Tarpon 16i can certainly present a challenge. Luckily we have a double garage with a door on the side. Using Talic Kayak holders bolted to the wall we are able to walk our kayaks in the side door and directly on the racks. These racks have securely held the kayaks for six years. It’s essential to bolt the holders into studs or framing in the wall with these boats weighing 65 lbs each. Image

My cousin Nancy, and her husband Forrest, decided on a similar method of hanging his kayaks. Lacking an appropriate inside wall he built a kayak storage shed. A sloping roof and tight doors protect their boats from the weather. A plus is the lower height of the hangers.

Forrest’s skill resulted in a beautiful home for their kayaks and we’re hoping to kayak with them on Virginia’s Eastern Shore next year. Forrest Shed 2For more Kayaking Delmarva blog posts visit our Blog Index.

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