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Burying the nose of a Tarpon

Calm before the waves

Calm before the waves

Kayaking around Miles Island in Chincoteague Bay is one of our favorites and featured in this blog before. The south side of Miles Island faces directly south and is always home to a good deal of choppy water. But a trip in late May featured quite a ride.

Launching from our usual spot at Taylors Landing, we began our trip around the island. The easterly side of the island changed considerably in the past year due to storms and erosion. Several new guts opened up and new ponds were created. 

Reaching the southeast corner the presence of white caps caused a little concern. Taking a break on the marsh we looked across the south side of the island. Without a doubt the water was rough, however it seemed manageable. Initially we planed to turn the corner and kayak on a diagonal across the waves into the cove. However, upon facing west the obvious course became a direct paddle into the wind and waves from the west. 

What a ride! With every third or fourth swell the resulting trough would send the nose of our tarpons under the next cresting wave. Once again the Wilderness System Tarpons proved their stability. There was no fear of capsizing, only of running out of arm strength. We’ll return again often as we know each trip in this area is different.

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