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Marshyhope Creek’s Tides

On a very windy day we aborted our trip to a coastal area and went inland to Marshyhope Creek at Federalsburg, MD. Knowing the creek was well sheltered by banks and woods for the first few miles meant protection from the wind.

Setting off from the boat ramp at the VFW  our timing was close to high tide. As we paddled downstream we quickly discovered several inlets and coves we usually were unable to access. Taking full advantage of the tide we spent time investigating all of these high tide accessible only areas.

Marshyhope Creek winds through hardwood forests for the first two miles before opening up to a more broad area. Except for several beaver houses on the western bank only a few homes exist in this area.

Interestingly, on this day we were not seeing any eagles and osprey, which had been abundant on previous trips. Songbirds flitted from tree to tree, especially in the coves we entered.

After four miles downstream we turned back towards our launch with the tide now flowing out and mudflats beginning to appear.  With the lower tide came a discovery. The birds had just been napping during high tide waiting for their chance.

On our return we were treated to fishing eagles and osprey.

An eagle on a branch watched us closely as we paddled the far bank. However, he was not leaving his dinner for any reason. In a tall tree we spotted an eagles nest and suspect there were others in the area.

Closer to Marshyhope the osprey tend to fish in the open area just upstream from the VFW ramp. As we loaded our kayaks the osprey put on quite a show.

On this day we paddled just over 8 miles. An enjoyable paddle with changing scenery depending on the season and tides. On our bucket list is to be sure and paddle Marshyhope in the fall as the changing leaves should be quite spectacular.

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