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Paddleboarding at Trap Pond

Trap State Park is not only a great place to teach our grandchildren to kayak, but close enough for a quick trip on the paddleboard. A kayaker at heart I initially didn’t understand the attraction of paddleboarding. After giving it a try, I decided paddleboarding made a great addition to our water activities. I only wish I had more pictures of my paddleboarding experience in the clear waters of Southwest Alaska.

On a late September morning,  the water at Trap Pond was  algae rich and looked for all the world like pea soup. Blue green algae is found so widely in Delaware the state even created a web page with information. The summer of 2017 seems to have been an exceptional year for the bloom of blue-green algae.

20170915_114422_Algae soup at the put-in ramp

Pea Soup at Put-In Ramp

With very little wind, and only a few paddlers  on the water,  the still air made Trap Pond into a huge reflecting mirror.


An Abundance of Clouds

Already the leaves on the cypress trees have begun changing to their fall color.  Some more than others. The hint of color along the shoreline reminded us that fall isn’t far away.

20170915_115714_Cypress leaves turning color

Cypress tree leaves turning color

At the end of Trap Pond we paddled back into the Cypress Swamp to get an update on beaver activity.  We love the swamp although it can get a little dark and foreboding.

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It’s getting late in the summer and the bird sightings become fewer. One lone Great Blue Heron stood guard in a Cypress Tree.

20170915_122743_Great Blue Heron in a Cypress Tree

Great Blue Heron in a Cypress Tree

Trap State Park is almost in our backyard. It’s become our go to place for a quick break to enjoy the outdoors.

Large pond, boat rentals, nature center, playground, fishing, boat launch, year round camping, hiking and biking trails.

Delaware State Park Fee required, no extra cost for boat launching.

Laurel, DE.

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