Maryland's Eastern Shore

Taylor’s Landing Pt 1, Girdletree MD

View of Mills Island shorelineTaylor’s Landing – Part I

Located on the western side of Chincoteague Bay, Taylor’s Landing is on the edge of the E.A. Vaughn Wildlife Management Area. Several kayaking trails are designated in this area and we obtained a brochure from the Pocomoke Canoe Company in Snow Hill, MD. This blog follows the trail which circumvents the island on the eastern side.

To kayak around the island launch at Taylor’s Landing and paddle directly to the north end of Mills Island; about two miles into the bay. From there circumventing the island results in a 10 mile trip. Even though birds are abundant on the island, the view of them is usually in the distance due to the large areas of marsh grass. On one trip a sandbar on the eastern side provided some great bird viewing.

Pelicans on the sandbar

Pelicans on the sandbar

There are hardwoods and even a small hill in the center of the island and even one house showing signs of residents.

Watching carefully several small beaches will become apparent for putting ashore briefly. Ponds and areas of standing water viewable from the beaches provided some opportunities for bird watching also. With the water in this area being shallow the only power boats will be in the distance, and they will be few.

The south-eastern end of the island faces directly south into Chincoteague Bay resulting in a very windy stretch. Every trip the water in this area has been quite choppy. An easy way to navigate this area is kayak diagonally across the waves into a cove on this end of the island and then paddle along the edge of the cove. Once you round the southwestern point of the island the water calms and there’s usually a strong current in the direction we’re paddling.

At the southern end of the island you pass George’s Landing, another possible put in point, on the western shore. In this area on one trip we stopped to speak to a gentleman from Connecticut busy kayak sailing in the open water. He remarked we were the first people he had seen all day and he was having a great time sailing.

The Taylor’s Landing Pt 2 blog will describe trips into the smaller creeks in this area and a journey through the marsh looking for the opening of Pike’s Creek.

From Rt. 50 take Rt. 113 South to Snow Hill. Turn left on Rt. 12 South. In Girdletree turn left on Box Iron Road, bear left then right on Taylor’s Landing Rd. which dead-ends at the parking lot. There is usually a questionable port a potty in the parking lot.

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    • We have Wilderness System Tarpon 160i. They’re 14 years old and we wouldn’t trade them for anything. No rudders which makes for slower turns but we have used them all over the DELMARVA Pennisula and took them to South Carolina once. Heavy but that also makes them a very stable ride in choppy water.


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