Eastern Shore Kayaking

Taylors Landing Pt. 2

Heading toward Scarboro Creek

Heading toward Scarboro Creek

My last blog shared our trips launching at Taylor’s Landing and kayaking around Miles Island. One hot windy July day in 2013 found us deciding to instead explore the identified creeks in this area. Leaving the launch point at Taylor’s Landing you can easily locate the mouth of Scarboro Creek. In the past we’ve kayaked short distances up this creek, and one evening feeding terms treated us to an amazing bird show. On this hot windy day we chose to paddle as far up the creek as we could. The herons in this area are extremely skittish and would fly in front of us, land, and fly again as we approached. Scarboro Creek winds through marsh grass and hardwood forests with trees along the shoreline providing much appreciated shade. Taking a quiet lunch break in the shade we watched a number of osprey, terns and herons flying and feeding in the water. After several miles this creek ends in a marsh without further access.

Returning to the mouth of Scarboro Creek we went searching for Pike’s Creek. As luck would have it the mouth of Pike’s Creek was nowhere near it’s identified location on our updated GPS. After several false starts and backing out of narrow spots we located Pike’s Creek. Winding through the marsh we passed an abandoned boat and entered a lake like area. Marsh grass and an abandoned farm bordered one side, with tall evergreens (usually a good Eagle spotting area) on the other. Due to the skies beginning to threaten rain we knew we needed to save exploring this area for a later trip. Paddling out Pike’s Creek we noticed what looked like a straight channel through the marsh. Following this returned us quickly to the bay area in sight of Taylor’s Landing. Our next trip to Taylor’s Landing will definitely take us further up Pikes Creek as the abundance of birds flying in this isolated area guarantees a worthwhile trip.

GPS Map Scarboro & Pikes Creek

GPS Map Scarboro & Pikes Creek

Directions to Taylor’s Landing:
From Rt. 50 take Rt. 113 South to Snow Hill. Turn left on Rt. 12 South. In Girdletree turn left on Box Iron Road, bear left then right on Taylor’s Landing Rd. which dead-ends at the parking lot. There is usually a questionable port a potty in the parking lot.

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