Eastern Shore Kayaking

Miles Creek

The Choptank River is broad as it passes Cambridge and merges into the Chesapeake Bay around Tilghman Island. North of Cambridge the Choptank narrows and tributaries offer a number of kayaking opportunities. Using Ed White’s book “Exploring Flatwater: Eastern Maryland and Delaware” we chose Miles Creek and King’s Creek for a weekend based in Easton. (White’s book is out of print but might be available used through Amazon.)

Windy Hill Put In

Windy Hill Put In

Putting in at the end of Windy Hill Rd the Choptank was like glass on this perfect July day. The mouth of Miles Creek is to the north about a mile, around a point of marsh grass. Entering the creek there are a few homes but the scenery quickly turns to marsh grass with hardwoods bordering the edge.

Bald Eagle Nest I suspect any paddle on Miles Creek will feature bald eagles as the highlight. On this day both mature and immature eagles began flying from the trees within the first mile. Paddling upstream the left bank offers the stands of hardwoods and tall evergreens where eagles hang out. Floating in the shade we eventually spotted an eagle’s nest in the trees. Stopping to talk to a resident on his dock we learned even more eagle nests exist in hardwoods behind the marsh grass.

Osprey skimming the water

Osprey skimming the water

Red wing blackbirds and Carolina wrens are abundant throughout the marshes in Miles Creek. Passing under Bruceville Rd. (White identifies a put in at the bridge however it is totally inaccessible) we paddled about 4 miles upstream from the creek’s mouth. At this point the creek becomes shallow enough at low tide there was no going further, so we turned back downstream. Again we were treated to abundance of birds including more bald eagles and osprey.

A peaceful paddle, there’s no doubt Miles Creek will offer many bird sightings throughout the year.

Directions to put in: Just south of Easton turn left onto Landing Neck Rd to Bruceville Rd. on the left. Follow Bruceville Rd. across Miles Creek and turn left on Windy Hill Rd. which dead ends at the boat ramp. There are no facilities at the ramp but this put in was less than 30 minutes from Easton.

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