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Will Maryland Kayaker become Delaware Kayaker?

During what we all know has been one of the coldest snowiest winters in history Maryland Kayaker moved to Millsboro, Delaware. In between an ice storm and snow storm we sold our home in Frederick County, Maryland. Then during one of the Polar Vortexes we moved into our new home.

However, the answer to the posed question is that Maryland Kayaker will remain the name. As a lifelong Maryland resident an attachment exists to the Old Line State. Living within 20 miles of the ocean in the First State brings an exciting new set of adventures and kayaking locations.

April 1st is swiftly approaching and with it what we consider “kayak season.” Today’s project is to find the box with the wet suits and begin perusing kayak books. Our change in location puts within easy driving distance many new kayaking spots. Virginia’s Lower Eastern Shore is an area we have never explored. It seems like a good place to start.

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