Eastern Shore Kayaking

Pikes Creek – E.A. Vaugh Wildlife Management Area

On a crisp breezy spring day Pikes Creek near Snow Hill, MD was our first kayaking trip of the season. Taylor’s Landing just outside Girdletree is the best put in for Pikes Creek.Taylor’s Landing is one of our favorite put in spots with several unique kayaking trips from this launch which is part of the E.A.Vaugh Wildlife Management area..

The water level was exceptional high on this day due to recent rains and a higher than normal tide.

To locate Pike’s Creek when leaving from Taylor’s Landing paddle around the first point on the right to the mouth of Scarborough Creek. On your left you will spot a straight canal which leads to Pike’s Creek. At the end of the canal turn right and follow the creek into a broad open area.


On this mid-spring day hydroskins and wind gear ensured safety from the cold water and chilly air. Bird watching was exceptional. Our first encounter was with a nesting pair of Canadian Geese. The female, obviously sitting on a nest, tried to hide in the weeds, while the male noisily attempted to lure in the opposite direction. We quickly moved past this area to respect their privacy.

As always there was the bald eagle sighting. Heron’s noisily flew away as we approached and snowy egrets seemed to be in abundance. At one point nearly a dozen could be counted in the marsh.

There is one home on the bank as you pass through a narrow gut and then a short open area before the creek becomes tangled in dead trees. As we neared the ending a Red Hawk flew in front of us loudly protesting our presence. It wasn’t until we noticed the rustling in the weeds  we realized we interrupted his quest to make dinner of the very young goose lings hidden by their mother. Hopefully, the geese found safety.

To the end of Pike’s Creek and return to Taylor’s landing is a little over six miles. However, time spent exploring, and bird watching ensures this is a place we’ll visit again.

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