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Dividing Creek Cypress Swamp

Located off the Pocomoke River, just upstream from Pocomoke City, MD, Dividing Creek featured a quiet paddle through a cypress and hardwood swamp.The Two Judys

We found our put in at the Winter Quarters Golf Course Landing on Winter Quarters Drive. If driving south on US 13 Winter Quarters Drive is on the left just after the Pocomoke River Bridge. There is no fee, plenty of parking exists next to the boat ramp and rest rooms are located in the small golf club house.

On a crisp fall day we used this landing to paddle north, upstream, on the Pocomoke to the entrance of Dividing Creek on the west side of the river. Tides on the Pocomoke tend to flow quite heavy and on the upstream trip the tide was with us. Turning into Dividing Creek we immediately entered a calm quiet world. Dividing Creek is perhaps thirty feet at it’s widest point, which makes it much narrower than Nassawango Creek closer to Snow Hill. Fall colors were brillant against the blue sky on this calm day.

Dramatic ReflectionsFew water birds are spotted in this area since water levels are high in the creek and spread out into the hard woods. Woodland birds appeared in abundance. Robins seemed to be everywhere.

Dividing Creek wanders quite a ways but we turned back after four miles. Reentering the Pocomoke the tide still flowed upstream. A significant breeze also now blew upstream. The downstream paddle back to the landing presented quite a challenge. We’ve agreed to visit Dividing Creek again early in the spring as it presents a protected location and beautiful natural surroundings.

While in Pocomoke don’t miss the DELMARVA Discovery Center. This small museum features quality exhibits on man and nature in the Pocomoke region. And while there is plenty of fast food found on Rt. 13, the Riverside Grill, located next to the museum is worth a visit.

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