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Dividing Creek – Spring 2018

Dividing Creek, a tributary of the Pocomoke River, is a beautiful stream through a hardwood swamp. We’ve written about Dividing Creek in 2017 and 2014. Recently we received the following comment with an update on the condition of Dividing Creek from one of our readers. Extremely helpful information. Thank you!

From David….

My wife and I kayaked on Dividing Creek on May 29th and May 30th, 2018. It was my all time favorite flat water paddling experience. The first day we put in at Winters Quarters Boat Launch as described and pictured above. With the heavy rains of previous weeks the creek was at least 3 feet over its banks. The creek meanders through the cypress swamp with a gentle current. We saw lots of birds, two we had never seen before. However, before we got as far as the bridge at Dividing Creek Road, the creek was blocked by a log jam. The next morning we drove to the bridge on Dividing Creek Road that Dividing Creek passes under to scout out a possible put in. We found that up stream from the bridge, Dividing Creek circles back towards the road, as shown on the map above. This point turned out to provide a very easy put in. The kayaks just slid in the water, as with the water level over its banks, the creek came within a few feet of the roadway. Note, this is not an official put in. Once in the water, we continued up the creek. We passed over two fallen trees. Would we have been able to get past these fallen trees if the water level was not so high? Then we came to another fallen tree that ended our paddle up stream. Would we have been able to go under this fallen tree if the water level was lower? We then paddled down stream, past our put in and under the bridge at Diving Creek Road and on to the log jam that halted our paddle the previous day. So while we are very enthusiastic about this gorgeous water way, the various possible blockages are something to contend with. We enjoyed two great days of paddling, but we would have gone further each day if not for the blockages. Let’s hope some good Samaritan will clear these blockages. Let us know if conditions change, as we would love to return to Dividing Creek in the Fall.

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