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Oxford on the Tred Avon

Kayaking the Tred Avon from Oxford, MD offers a different experience from our normal  nature filled kayaking trips. Entering Oxford on Morris St., turn right on Strand Rd. and drive to a gravel parking lot just past The Oxford Condos. There is a small beach allowing you to launch on Town Creek.

Leaving the beach, watch for other watercraft, and cross to the far side of Town Creek when able. Many picturesque sailboats tie up in the marina’s along Town Creek. Spend a few minutes paddling among them and take a look.

When Town Creek meets the Tred Avon turn right, north, and paddle along the bulkheaded water’s edge. Paddling north on the Tred Avon one passes several beautiful homes. The first cove to the right is Flatty Cove, and it’s worth exploring.


20171006_114711_Kayaking by some large homes

Passing by beautiful homes on the Tred Avon River

On our trip, in the back of Flatty Cove we landed on a large sandbar, and took a short respite.  Several large flocks of Canadian Geese flew down from the North.  One group spied us on the sandbar, became confused and turned around.  Obviously we inadvertently spoiled their intended landing zone. The water is crystal clear and the bottom sandy. A perfect swimming site during the summer.

Leaving Flatty Cove traveling north  we paddled along a more natural marshy point. The next right off the Tred Avon is Goldsborough Creek. Here one passes a few homes alternating with picturesque nature scenes.  The further upstream you paddle, the fewer homes you see.  We spotted a small number of trees along the creek beginning to show their fall colors.

Just as we commented no bald eagles graced this trip, one flew out of the brush. We were able to see several bald eagles and several herons paddling up Goldsborough Creek. Eventually, the water becomes shallow, and turning around before becoming mud bound is a good idea.

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Returning downstream there is one last cove, and several herons flew by while we explored.  Paddling back to Oxford on the Tred Avon rewarded us with views of sailboats under sail.

Judging by the number of personal water craft on docks, this is probably not a good paddling location during summer weekends. However, on a fall weekday we saw only a handful of other boaters.

After we returned to Oxford Harbor, our next stop was the town of St. Michael’s.  The quickest way to get there from Oxford is the Oxford Bellevue Ferry across the Tred Avon River.  The ferry goes back and forth about every 20 minutes so wait time is minimal. On this day, we were the only passengers on a ferry which carries nine cars maximum.

Due to user error no GPS route recorded on this day. Using the map below one can follow our path from the locations mentioned in the post.

20171010_142624_GPS Topo Map

Services: PortaJohns were in the gravel parking lot.

Lodging: Bed/Breakfasts exist in Oxford

Restaurants: TripAdvisor lists several restaurants from casual to upscale in Oxford.


  • From Rt. 50 West turn left onto Alms House Rd and left on Rt. 333 which goes to Oxford. At the ferry turn right onto the Strand to the gravel parking lot on right.
  • From Ft. 50 East follow signs to Oxford-Bellevue Ferry and take Ferry across to Oxford. Turn left onto the Strand to the gravel parking lot on right.
  • (The ferry closes during the winter)

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