The Quest for a Snowy Owl

Kayaking Delmarva is on a quest:  observing a Snowy Owl here in Delaware.

Other Delaware bird lovers such as Linda Lewis have already tracked down the elusive beast.

Snowy Owl Photo from Linda Lewis

Snow Owl Photo Posted by Linda Lewis on the Delaware Birding Facebook Site

Alas, our first attempt was not successful.

Back in May of 2017 our appetite was whetted when a Great Horned Owl built a nest along the Gordon’s Pond Trail and raised two baby owls.

20170503_095208_Great Horned Owl Family

Great Horned Owl and Two Babies

This nest was in plain site near the walking/biking trail and it was easy to observe and take photographs from a safe distance.

Today we ventured to Fowler’s Beach where fellow birders noted Snowy Owl viewing almost every day this week.  Until we showed up and the Snowy Owl went into hiding.

Instead we viewed large flocks of Snow Geese blotting out the sky and filling the air with honking.  Alas, no snowy owls.

Snow Geese 1

Large Snow Geese Flock near the Trees

Snow Geese 2

Here they come, honking all the way

We checked out Prime Hook and made a stop at Broadkill Beach. In the parking lot two excited birders shared the rest of the story. Standing on the dune at Broadkill a large white tern approached from the north. Closer inspection revealed it was the snowy owl which did a fly by along the beach and vanished into the distance. Ten minutes earlier and we would have shared in the snowy owl viewing. Instead we will return another day.

Stay tuned to this blog for more on the great Snowy Owl search of 2018.

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