Bald Eagles

The Wye East River: An Abundance of Riches

On Wednesday June 12, we again paddled a marvelous Delmarva kayaking destination: the Wye East River near Wye Mills, MD. Launching from Wye Landing we immediately saw an almost comical abundance of river and marsh wildlife, immature bald eagles, mature bald eagles, osprey, blue herons, cormorants, and even red fox. It seemed like every 10 feet a bird flew from a tree next to us. All of this activity was crowned by the extensive and large heron rookery toward the end of the river. Whoever was in charge of wildlife placement this day you have our congratulations for a job well done.

We have posted on the Wye East River several times already and links to those blogs may be found in our Blog Index. In summary, this paddling destination is easy to get to, has almost no boat traffic once you leave the boat ramp, and is jam packed full of wildlife. What’s not to like? Enjoy our photo blog.

The large and well maintained boat ramp at Wye Landing
An osprey nest on a pole right beside the boat ramp
This looked like the great blue heron soccer team jealously guarding their goal
One of three red foxes we saw hunting along the river bed
There is considerable erosion along the shore marked by large fallen trees
One of dozens of bald eagles along our route
As we approached the great blue heron rookery we saw the first pine tree with nests
The herons were very noisy all along the rookery and called out to us
We could see adults caring for young herons getting ready to leave the nest
One final shot of the rookery. Heron heads popped up everywhere along the pine trees
Floating along watching the heron rookery
When the river split we took the left branch and kayaked into the marsh until our way was finally blocked by this fallen tree
On the way back we came across herons around every turn
Across from the Aspen Institute we could see this large eagle’s nest
We put in at waypoint 41 and paddled north. Our round trip was 10.4 miles

Directions to Wye Public Landing: From Rt. 50 at Chesapeake College, Wye Mills, MD turn south on Rt. 213 which becomes Rt. 662. Continue about 2 miles to Wye Landing Rd. Right to landing at end of road.

Services: Port a john in parking lot; all other services in Easton.For more Kayaking Delmarva blog posts visit our Blog Index.

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