Eastern Shore Kayaking

Bald Cypress Luck

The Delmarva Peninsula is lucky. We straddle the northern most range of the bald cypress tree. This means we have beautiful cypress swamps to paddle, and in our case a cypress swamp just twenty minutes away in Delaware’s Trap Pond State Park. We began our kayaking season this year on April 18th, in that very same park. This was a full two weeks earlier than 2018 when a very cold April kept us off the water until May 1st.

We have written about Trap Pond State Park several times in the past so this is not detailed post this time around but rather a photo album of our trip. The early foliage and still swamp waters make for some lovely reflections. Enjoy!

Putting in at the boat ramp at Trap Pond State Park
Heading out into the pond waters
Exploring a small cypress grove halfway down Trap Pond
Entering the main cypress grove at the end of Trap Pond
Numerous turtles were sunning themselves along this stretch
Entering the Terrapin Branch Trail that leads deep into the swamp
Our kayak wake disturbed the beautiful reflective waters
The ripples from our passage made for a modern art look in the water
This part of the swamp has double the forest
More turtles on the way out
These may have been Ring Necked Ducks
Approaching the boat ramp once again
Our four mile journey. The boat ramp is at waypoint 124

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  1. Thank you so much for this photo-account of your trip. I had never heard of Trap Pond State Park and looked it up on my atlas. I am making a list of things to do and see when I visit Delmarva this summer. Very glad to put Trap Pond SP on my list. Thanks again!

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