Bald Eagles

A Gathering of Eagles on Wetipquin Creek

On June 1st, 2020 we paddled Wetipquin Creek just south of Salisbury, MD. Launching at the boat ramp, at Wetipquin Park, we turned to the right and went under the Rt 163 bridge.

Just past the bridge the creek forks with Wetipquin to the left and Tyaskin Creek to the right. We decided to explore Tyaskin. Initially Tyaskin is broad however it shortly is blocked by the Deep Branch Road bridge.

Returning to Wetipquin Creek, it didn’t take long for us to see the first of many, many bald eagles. He was sitting high in a dead tree scanning the creek for a possible meal.

The first of many bald eagles on this trip
A great blue heron along the shore

After these first sightings, eagles and herons began checking in on a regular basis.

Bald eagle and nest

For variety, there were a number of red-winged blackbirds flitting from bush to bush and calling out with their distinctive whistles and caws. Where I grew up red-winged black birds were extremely common. But apparently that is not true for everyone. Recently we have had three other kayakers ask us “what do you call those black birds that have the red patches on their wings”.

A male red-winged black bird

Half way up the creek, we came to the historic Long Hill House built in 1767. Very close to Long Hill we found a pair of eagles perched close to one another.

Long Hill House built in 1767
An eagle duo
Immature bald eagle in flight

As we paddled beyond Long Hill, the creek bed became an attractive mix of marsh grass and tall pine trees.

Looking for eagles among the pine trees
Perusing the tall marsh grass

Eventually we reached our turnaround point and headed back down the way we had come. It was a fun paddle on a nice day and what better way to spend your time social distancing during the pandemic.

Facilities: Boat ramp at Wetipquin Park . Easy kayak launching, plenty of parking and a portajohn. Slow down and enjoy the drive on Wetipquin Rd. We spotted two wild turkeys, a deer with a full rack of antlers and a possum before arriving at the ramp.

Amenities: Driving past the park on Wetipquin Rd. brings one to Tyaskin in less than a mile. There are some small restaurants in Tyaskin, otherwise one must return to Salisbury for services.

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