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Tizzard Island – 2020

Located between Johnson Bay and Brockatonorton Bay, Tizzard Island offers excellent paddling choices, nice sandy beaches and birds. The closest put in is at the Taylor’s Landing Boat Ramp near Girdletree, MD. We kayak more from this location than any other. The options are varied; kayak to and around Tizzard and Mills Islands, up into Pike or Scarborough Creek.

One observation for this area is consider putting in early in the morning and being finished by lunch time. On many occasions we have launched on perfectly flat water and fought our way back against the wind which inevitably appears in the afternoons.

On a very hot July day in 2020 we paddled through Bridge Creek and around Tizzard Island stopping often to cool off on the sandy beaches and admire the birds. We highly recommend this area.

Directions: At the intersection of 113 and 12 in Snow Hill turn south on 12 to Girdletree, about 5 miles. Entering Girdletree, turn left on Box Iron Rd. Go to stop sign, bear left and then stay to the right. Road dead ends at Taylor’s Landing.

Services: Port a john is in the parking lot. There are no services in Girdletree. Stores, restaurants etc. are in Snow Hill.

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful place. I wondered if anyone would like to get a group together for kayak trip in Delmarva when the weather gets nicer.


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