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What happened to Maryland Kayaker?

Confused? Kayaking DELMARVA is our blog title and website. Maryland Kayaker the author. We created our blog while living in Frederick, MD, and thought we’d keep the name, Maryland Kayaker, after moving to Delaware. However, after four years residing in Millsboro, DE in Slower Lower DE (a.k.a. Sussex County), we truly feel like residents of the DELMARVA peninsula. Maryland Kayaker will fade aware and Kayaking DELMARVA and DELMARVA kayaker will become our official name.

Will our focus change? Absolutely not! Trip descriptions and kayaking resources will be our primary focus. Additionally, we’ve added two new sections.  Nature Photography  features the best scenery, wildlife and bird photos by Randy. Travel Adventures includes trip descriptions and photos of our wanderings and adventures. Both these sections will be extensively updated in the near future.

Coming soon, a blog post on books, maps and web links which proved valuable while planning kayaking trips.

Just for kicks check out our Pinterest Page where you can even find seafood recipes!

Need information on Kayaking DELMARVA. Something we didn’t include in a post? Send us an a comment and we’ll be glad to help.

For more Kayaking Delmarva blog posts visit our Blog Index.

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  1. And just when I thought a blog was good enough, it’s going to get better! I cannot wait to move from Baltimore to the Eastern Shore. I still have some catching up to do on reading all your post. Thanks for all the info.


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