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Wind and Water

20161015_103715_Nice fluffy clouds as set out on the water

Wind and Water

As kayakers we appreciate the beauty of the wind and water. We also have a healthy respect for its power. While floating peacefully on the Pocomoke River on Sunday, we knew Texas, Louisiana and Houston were not appreciating the same beauty.

Our hearts break for those impacted by Mother Nature’s latest rage. With a former career as a disaster manager I know recovery will go on for years. Communities will change forever.

It’s ironic that just this week I picked up a copy of “Great Storms of the Chesapeake” by David Healey. The pictures alone were worth the price. (Available on Amazon).  I started reading from Part III in the back since I experienced all the storms in this part. The chapters I’ve read are a powerful reminder that the peaceful waters we love can quickly turn so vicious.

For those of us blessed with safety, we can only hope for peace for those trying to get out of harm’s way and survive the days ahead.

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